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World No Tobacco Day 2020 – “Breathe In. Tobacco Out”

To echo the World No Tobacco Day (31 May), COSH has launched a publicity programme with the theme of “Breathe In. Tobacco Out”, aiming to promote the benefits of deep breathing and a smoke-free lifestyle, as well as to motivate smokers to say NO to all forms of tobacco products and live smoke-free. General public is encouraged to share stress relieving tips with family and friends, also design a personalized smoke-free pinwheel to spread smoke-free messages.

“Breathe In. Tobacco Out” Publicity Programme
COSH, in collaboration with Radio 1 of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), launched a series of promotional video, video interviews and portraits at social media platforms to promote smoke-free culture and encourage smokers to quit smoking. Participating guests included Prof Sophia CHAN (Secretary for Food and Health), Dr Constance CHAN (Director of Health), Prof LAM Tai-hing (Chair Professor of Community Medicine cum Sir Robert Kotewall Professor in Public Health, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong), Prof Samuel WONG (Director of The Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Antonio KWONG (COSH Chairman) and Yolanda NG (COSH Vice-chairman). Smoke-free Ambassador, Alex FONG leads a group of artists and DJs, including LEUNG Ka-ki, Skye CHAN, Akina FONG, Eugina LAU, Karen CHENG, Vivian YIP, together with Dr LOUIE Hung-tak (Associate Professor of Department of Sport and Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University), Sonia KONG (Hong Kong Women's Beach Volleyball Team) and quitter LAM Ka-kit participated in the videos.

Supporting Organizations
Over 170 companies, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, smoking cessation service providers and schools supported the programme to spread smoke-free messages among their staff, students and their stakeholders through website, social media platforms, events and publications. The top five supporting organizations with the highest number of participants supporting “Breathe In. Tobacco Out” were awarded the “The Most Active Participation Award” as recognition. Please click here for the list of supporting organizations of the programme.

Awardees of “The Most Active Participation Award” (in alphabetical order): Limited
Kwai Chung Hospital
Lingnan Secondary School
Nan Fung Property Management - Nan Fung Commercial Centre
Nan Fung Property Management – TKO Plaza (Mall)

“Breathe In. Tobacco Out” Programme Website
General public could support “Breathe In. Tobacco Out” by taking a deep breath every day and pledging to say no to all forms of tobacco products, as well as sharing smoke-free and stress relieving tips. In addition, a Smoke-free Pinwheel DIY Kit was available for download, with a tutorial by Smoke-free Ambassador, Alex FONG. People are welcomed to follow the steps and do-it-yourself (DIY) a colorful and personalized pinwheel. Take a deep breathe, blow the Smoke-free Pinwheel and stay focused for living a smoke-free lifestyle.

A set of Smoke-free WhatsApp stickers with the theme “Breathe In. Tobacco Out” were created for spreading smoke-free messages smoke-free messages among family and friends through daily chit-chat.

Facebook Lucky Draw
A Facebook lucky draw promotion activity was held from 31 May to 20 July 2020 to encourage the general public to support the “Breathe In. Tobacco Out” and spread smoke-free messages among their network through social media.

The winners of HK$500 cash voucher for health and beauty products chain store are listed below:

Cherry Cha, Alice Chan, Chan Yan Tai, Jade Chau, Anne Chow,
Rosa Lee, Wang Lee, Sin Leung, Cherry Liu, Ho Loong

Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number:53368

For details, please visit the programme website or Smoke-free Family Facebook Page
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