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“Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign


COSH, in collaboration with School of Nursing and School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong, has been organizing the “Quit to Win” project since 2009 to encourage more smokers to kick the habit.

In order to build up a positive atmosphere for smoking cessation in the community, COSH solicited the support from District Councils and community organizations and launched the “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign since 2012. A series of district-based smoke-free promotion activities were organized. The campaign is mixed with the features of smoking cessation contest, media promotion, smoking cessation counseling and scientific research. Each year, over 1,000 smokers were successfully recruited and smoke-free messages were promoted to a wide scope of mass public across the territory.


  • Encourage smokers to kick the smoking habit;
  • Motivate non-smokers to support their family members and friends to quit;
  • Raise public awareness on smoking hazards and enhance community participation in tobacco control; and
  • Strengthen the smoke-free community concept and strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong.


I. Smoking Cessation Counseling Training

To enhance the knowledge of community working partners on smoking hazards and smoking cessation, COSH organizes Smoking Cessation Counseling Training for the staff of the community organizations and university students who will be a smoke-free ambassador to take part in smoking cessation promotion and counseling. Training contents include health hazards of smoking, smoking cessation counseling skills and sharing on the experience in organizing smoke-free promotion activities, etc.

II. “Quit to Win” Contest

COSH organizes territory-wide recruitment and promotion sessions to encourage smokers to quit smoking through contest and prizes. Participants will receive smoking status evaluation and brief smoking cessation counseling from counselors on the recruitment sites. After the enrollment, the smoking cessation counselors will follow up the quit status of participants and give advice and assistance by telephone interview. At 3-month follow-up, participants who quit will be invited to undertake a biochemical validation. Validated participants will be eligible to join the lucky draw or attend an interview to win fabulous prizes.

III. Smoke-free Community Promotion

To promote smoke-free messages and raise the awareness on tobacco control at the district level and to construct a smoke-free community, COSH invites District Council and non-profit organizations to be the district partners to co-organize smoke-free promotion activities for the “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign. The collaboration is extended to different sectors in order to strengthen the concept of smoke-free lifestyle in the society.

IV. Randomized Controlled Trial Study

Every year, a randomized controlled trial study is designed to test and evaluate the effectiveness of specific methods or interventions of smoking cessation. Needs and difficulties of quitters will also be investigated. The study findings will provide recommendations to improve the existing smoking cessation services in Hong Kong and increase the chance of successful quit attempt.

The 9th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign

Following the success in past years, COSH collaborated with School of Nursing and School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong to organize the 9th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign in 2018-2019. The Campaign was again supported by the 18 District Councils, community organizations, Correctional Services Department, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Link Assets Management Limited, as well as 22 companies and trade associations from catering, construction and transportation industries to promote smoke-free message to a wider spectrum of the society (click here to view the supporting organizations). The Campaign disseminated the smoke-free messages throughout the community. A supportive network for smoking cessation was established and a thousand of smokers were encouraged to quit.

In June to September 2018, COSH organized nearly 70 recruitment and promotion activities of the 9th “Quit to Win” Contest in 18 districts in Hong Kong. The Campaign successfully recruited more than 1,200 smokers to join the contest. All participants received the half-year smoking cessation follow-up counseling by School of Nursing and School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong. Advice and incentives on smoking cessation were provided to motivate them quit and enjoy smoke-free healthy lifestyle.

In support of the 19 district working partners, over 50 smoke-free exhibitions and district-based smoke-free events were organized. For example, health talks, community promotion, health carnivals, drawing competition, roadshows and outreach promotions, etc. The promotion effect of 9th “Quit to Win” Contest was optimized and public awareness on smoking cessation was enhanced. Over 400 staffs and volunteers from district working partners participated in the activities, which spread the smoke-free messages to over 60,000 members of public. Apart from spreading smoke-free message in the community, to encourage persons in custody to quit smoking, COSH successfully launched the “Quit to Win” Pilot Programme in Lo Wu Correctional Institution and Stanley Prison in collaboration with Correctional Services Department, and encourage 30 smoking inmates to quit.

Winners of the 9th “Quit to Win” Contest are Mr LAU Wai-ming (Champion), Mr CHOY Tak-yin (1st runner-up) and Mr WANG Shuzhao (2nd runner-up). Their successful quit stories are expected to inspire more smokers to make up the mind to quit. A prize presentation ceremony was held on 25 March 2019 to award the quitters of the 9th “Quit to Win” Contest and commended the collaborating partners for their tremendous support in the 9th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign. Honorable guests included Mr WOO Ying-ming, CSDSM (Commissioner of Correctional Services), Dr FUNG Ying (Head, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Office, Department of Health), Mr Antonio KWONG, MH (COSH Chairman), Ms Yolanda NG, MH (COSH Vice-chairman) , Mr Richard TSANG (Chairman of COSH Education and Publicity Committee) and Ms Vienna LAI (COSH Executive Director). Other guests, successful quitters as well as artists Ms Louisa MAK and Mr Hero YUEN also joined the ceremony to remind the hazards of smoking and promote the benefits of quitting through interactive game and performance.

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9th “Quit to Win” Champion
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9th “Quit to Win” First Runner-up
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9th “Quit to Win” Second Runner-up
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The 10th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign will be launched in June 2019. COSH will organize recruitment and promotion activities across the territory. For details, please visit the campaign’s website.
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