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World No Tobacco Day 2014: Raise taxes on tobacco

Every year, World Health Organization (WHO) marks 31st May as the World No Tobacco Day. The theme of World No Tobacco Day in 2014 is “Raise taxes on tobacco ".  WHO calls on countries to increase tobacco taxes levels that could reduce tobacco consumption, individuals and civil society organizations support and encourage their governments to increase tobacco taxes.

Send a McDull Smoke-free e-card to support your beloved ones to quit smoking

To celebrate the World No Tobacco Day (31 May) and the 20th Anniversary of International Year of the Family this year, COSH collaborates with local cartoon character “McDull” to launch a McDull smoke-free postcard to promote the importance of a smoke-free family. Please click here to send a McDull smoke-free e-card to support your family and friends to quit smoking.

5th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign

COSH is now organizing the 5th “Quit to Win” Smoke-free Community Campaign. COSH will work with District Council and the community organizations in organizing smoke-free promotion in district level.

News Headline



Big tax hike can reduce tobacco use by one-third and prevent 200 million premature deaths


Study confirmed that tripling the price of cigarettes through increased taxes would reduce the number of smokers by one-third by 2025 and prevent 200 million premature deaths caused by tobacco consumption.



Smoking cessation brings happiness and improves mental health


Studies consistently proved the effectiveness of smoking cessation in enhancing mental health and level of happiness. The findings also clarified the misconception that smoking could bring smokers happiness and relaxation.






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