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E-newsletter - November 2013

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Recent Events



Raising Tobacco Tax for a Smoke-free Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) advocates the government to raise the tobacco tax to over 75% of the retail price of cigarette as soon as possible and also implement a long-term tobacco tax policy. We also advocate the government to increase the resources for smoking cessation services, smoke-free education and promotion, enforcement of tobacco control legislation and combatting illicit cigarettes. We estimates that the smoking prevalence in Hong Kong will drop from the current 10.7% to single digit after 1 to 2 years with the 100% increase in tobacco tax. 

Smoke-free Campaign for the Elderly 2013-2014

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health
(COSH) has organized
"Smoke-free Campaign
for the Elderly" in 2013.
and co-produces a series
of radio segment
"Smoke-free Campaign
for the Elderly"
and Smoking Cessation
Pledge Ceremony  with
Radio 5 of Radio
Television Hong Kong (RTHK).

"Get started! Quit now"API 

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health
(COSH) produced a
series of Announcement
of Public Interests (API)
under the theme of
“Quit Smoking".
COSH have launched two
new APIs under the theme
of "Get started! Quit now" ,which  invited artist
Mr Pal SINN to act in an interesting way.

News Headline



Government released the 2012 Hong Kong Smoking Prevalence   


According to the Thematic Household Survey Report No. 53 , the daily cigarette smoking prevalence of Hong Kong (age 15 or above) was 10.7% which equivalent to around 645,000 daily cigarette smokers and is the lowest rate recorded since 1982.



Plain packaging alters smokers' sensation on smoking and motivates to quit


Cancer Council Victoria of Australia published a study about plain packaging in the British Medical Journal, which is the first formal study confirmed plain packaging (i.e. standardized pack with larger health warnings) could trigger negative feelings toward cigarettes and the thought to quit.







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