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E-newsletter - October 2012





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"30th Anniversary of Tobacco Control in Hong Kong" Cocktail Reception Marks an Important Milestone for Smoke-free Hong Kong

Tobacco control in Hong Kong came to 30th anniversary. COSH, with the support of the Hong Kong Government, WHO, the Ministry of Health PRC and different sectors of the community, organized a cocktail reception earlier to acknowledge the accomplishments on tobacco control over the past three decades, as well as to look into the future on how to strive for a Smoke-free Hong Kong.

2012-13 Interactive Education Theatre

A premiere for the brand-new interactive education theatre titled "The Smoke-free Journey of Red Hoodlet" was held on 18 October 2012. "The Smoke-free Journey of Red Hoodlet" will begin its tours to primary school in various districts from October onwards to promote smoke-free messages.

2012 APIs

The 2012 COSH APIs, "HK Smokers Spend 8 Billion a Year on Cigarettes" and "One in two smokers will die early" have been broadcast in all TV and radio stations to illustrate the hazards of smoking and reveal the promotion tactics of tobacco industry respectively. Please click "Detail" for the new APIs.

News Headline



Two new laws protect children and youth from harmful effects of cigarettes  


Under new smoke-free legislations in New York, statutory no smoking areas have been expanded to the entrance, exits or outdoors areas (within 100 feet) of public and private schools. In the meantime, the new law also prohibits sale of electronic cigarettes to individuals who are less than 18 years old from 2013 onwards.



Secondhand smoking damages memory


Researchers from Northumbria University found that non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke face memory problems. Non-smokers who had been exposed to secondhand smoke forgot almost 20% more in the memory tests than those non-smokers not exposed.






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