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E-newsletter - December 2011





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Merry Christmas!

COSH wish you have a Smoke-free Christmas and prosperous years in 2012! Please click here to view the Christmas E-card and share with your family and friends.


40% of cancers can be prevented

Researchers of United Kingdom reviewed the causes of cancers in UK and found that 40% of cancers are associated with lifestyles and can be prevented. The results are released in British Journal of Cancer.

Quitters report less stress

Smokers perceive cigarette smoking can reduce stress whereas cessation brings along stress, weight gain and affect social life, etc. A study found that quitters have improved health and get a boost in their quality of life.

News Update



Be Smart, Quit Smoking! 


Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health has published three new books on hazards of smoking and cessation: "Be Smart, Quit Smoking!", "Smoking Hazard Decode" and "Smoking Hazard Decode - Youth Version". Please click here to download the books and share with your friends.



Seminar on Tobacco Control 2011


The Department of Health invited eminent international experts on tobacco control and cessation services to give presentations in the Seminar on Tobacco Control on 13 December 2011.






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