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E-newsletter - November 2011





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WHO Chief Urged Countries To Stand Together Against Harassment From Tobacco Industry

Dr Margaret CHAN, Director-General of the World Health Organization urged countries to stand together against tobacco companies that are trying to "harass" them into softening their anti-smoking stance. Australia, Uruguay, Norway and the United States were among the countries targeted by the tobacco industry over their measures to reduce smoking-related disease.

Physical Activity Improves Smoking Cessation Significantly in Teens

Physical activity has many health benefits and can be an effective aid in smoking cessation in teens, especially boys, according to the study report released in Pediatrics.

Smoking May Double Risk For Stroke And Lower The Age Of Stroke Patients

Compared to non smokers, smokers face higher risk of stroke and they are likely to have stroke sooner, according to a study presented at the Canadian Stroke Congress, Ottawa last month.




Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards


Application for Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards is closed and under judging process now. Latest information and press release are also updated on COSH website regularly.



Education Theatre "Smoke-free Galaxy"


After the preview of 2011/12 Education Theatre "Smoke-free Galaxy", the smoke-free superkids are touring around the primary schools. Please visit their Fanspage at Facebook for photos and interview. 






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