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High Toxicants Inhaled from Waterpipe Tobacco
Waterpipe tobacco smoking is an emergent trend worldwide especially among young adults. Many of the users might underestimate the health risks caused by waterpipe tobacco. A study found that waterpipe tobacco smoking could inhale toxicants 125 times as high as conventional cigarette smoking.

Researchers of School of Medicine of The University of Pittsburgh had reviewed over 500 literatures and conducted a meta-analysis comparing the level of toxicants found in waterpipe tobacco and cigarette smoking on 17 selected studies. It revealed that a shockingly higher level (nearly 125 times) of smoke inhalation was measured in one waterpipe tobacco session than one cigarette smoking. Also, one waterpipe tobacco session was found to have more toxicant loads, including nicotine (over 2 times more), tar (25 times more) and carbon monoxide (10 times more).

The results of the study aligned to the findings of the World Health Organization (WHO). According to WHO, the smoke inhalation of one waterpipe tobacco session was equivalent to over 100 cigarettes. Thus, the waterpipe tobacco smokers and secondhand smokers would put themselves in high risk for smoking-causing diseases, including cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and adverse effect during pregnancy, like cigarette smokers did.

No tobacco product is safe. Conventional cigarette, waterpipe tobacco and alternative smoking products, such as e-cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco products all pose huge health risks to the users and bystanders. To prevent the tobacco epidemic, COSH advises smokers to quit all forms of tobacco products and advocates for a timeline to ban alternative smoking products as well as conventional tobacco.

Source: US Public Health Reports
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