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Expansion of Statutory No Smoking Area and Ban on Electronic Cigarettes in Macau
The Macau government amended the "Tobacco Prevention and Control Regime" and implemented new tobacco control measures on 1 January 2018. The amendments include smoking ban at areas within 10 meters of public transport terminals and stops; regulation on electronic cigarettes; prohibition of display of tobacco products; and increased penalty for smoking offenses from MOP$600 to MOP$1,500, etc.

Under the new regime, areas within 10 meters of over 400 bus stops in Macau are delineated as smoke-free. The expansion of the statutory no smoking area helps reduce the exposure to secondhand smoke and the adverse impacts on non-smokers. On the other hand, many studies found out that electronic cigarettes do not aid smoking cessation; contain volatile and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, PAHs, PBDEs and propylene glycol. The Macau government therefore accelerated a regulatory regime prohibiting the sales and promotions of electronic cigarettes by any means. Using electronic cigarettes in statutory no smoking areas is also not allowed.

COSH has been advocating the Hong Kong Government to ban electronic cigarettes and implement the above measures for years to further reduce the smoking prevalence and protect public health. In addition, tobacco control measures should be strengthened comprehensively and a long-term plan should be adopted to achieve tobacco endgame goal in Hong Kong by 2027.

Amendments of Macau "Tobacco Prevention and Control Regime" (only available in Chinese and Portuguese)
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