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E-cigarettes could be as harmful as traditional cigarettes
Scientists from the University of Connecticut discovered that e-cigarettes are potentially as harmful as traditional cigarettes to DNA.

The research team developed a tailor-made array from 3D Printing technology to analyze the chemical reaction of e-cigarettes in human body. Liquidized samples of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes were dropped simultaneously onto the array with pre-loaded reactive human metabolic enzymes and DNA samples . As such metabolite reaction in human body could be replicated and genotoxic metabolites could be measured.

Researchers found that new metabolites which might be detrimental to DNA were formed. Amount of these toxic metabolites within liquidized e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes was similar. The researchers pointed out that the amount of toxic metabolites was correlated to the dosage of e-cigarettes.

The results showed that it could be a mistaken perception that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Toxic substances, which are hazardous to health, in e-cigarettes were also revealed in many other research and COSH’s study. For more information about the health risk of e-cigarettes, please visit COSH’s website.

Currently, there is no legal framework on regulating e-cigarettes in Hong Kong. In order to safeguard public health, a regulatory regime of e-cigarettes should be accelerated.

ACS Sensor, American Chemical Society
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