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Smoking cessation brings happiness and improves mental health
According to a study conducted by School of Public Health, the University of Hong Kong, ex-smokers were found happier than current smokers.

The study examined 4,553 randomly sampled Chinese adults’ happiness in Hong Kong by telephone surveys in 2009 to 2012. Among all the respondents, 7.7% were current smokers, 6.5% were ex-smokers and 85.8% were never smokers.

Results of the study were published in Addiction in March 2014. Compared with current smokers, ex-smokers enjoyed higher level of happiness, while the levels of happiness of current and never smokers were similar. The study also found that happiness of current smokers was not correlated with the number of cigarettes smoked.

These findings were consistent with the other study published in February in the British Medical Journal. This study reviewed the 26 studies on mental health of subjects (included general population and physical and psychiatric clinical population) before smoking cessation and at least six weeks after cessation. It was found that those quitted smoking showed improvements in depression, anxiety, stress, psychological quality of life and positivity compared with those continued to smoke.

Results of both studies consistently proved the effectiveness of smoking cessation in enhancing mental health and level of happiness. The findings also clarified the misconception that smoking could bring smokers happiness and relaxation.

To enjoy the happiness of a healthy smoke-free lifestyle, COSH encourages smokers to make up the mind to quit as soon as possible.

Sources: Addiction and British Medical Journal
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