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Designation of no smoking areas in Macao Casinos
According to the Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control, casinos operators must set up restricted smoking areas in Macau with effect from 1st January 2013.

Under “Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control” and “Rules concerning requirements to be met by the smoking areas in casinos”, smoking areas could be introduced in casinos but the dimensions of the smoking area should be 50 percent or less of the total public area. In casinos that have an interior space consisting of several floors and an atrium through the smoking areas must be located on the upper floors of the non-smoking areas. In casinos that have an interior space consists of a single floor, areas for smoking and non-smoking should be located on opposite physically separated zones.

In case the relevant departments have granted related documents for not complying with the provisions, the separation between the smoking areas and non-smoking areas may be effected by adopting the following four options: (1) the creation of a buffer zone facilitated with an air supply and return system; (2) an airbrake system; (3) a four-meter buffer area without any gaming machines; or (4) gas-proof barriers that are at least two meters high.

As there is no safety measure which could isolate the spread of hazardous tobacco particles in the same building, the current policy is targeted to improve the working environment for staff of casinos in Macau and reduce the health hazards caused by secondhand smoke.

It is expected that the new policies could reduce the health hazards of secondhand smoke on staff working in casinos and projected that total smoking ban could be introduced in protecting the health of general public.

Source: Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, Macao SAR (Chinese only)
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