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Changes of No Smoking Status in Public Transport Facilities
According to the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Cap. 371), three types of public transport facilities have been designated into no smoking areas in stages since September 2009, Indoor public transport interchanges, Public transport facilities with superstructures and Open-air public transport facilities (PTFs).
With effective on 1 June 2012, 9 PTFs are designated as no smoking areas as they fulfilled the criteria in section 3 (1AB) of Cap. 371. Meanwhile, boundaries of no smoking areas allocated in 13 PTFs (including 9 open-air PTFs and 4 PTFs with superstructures) are revised due to changes in the physical establishment on the ground. For details of the amendment, please visit the website of Government Gazette:
According to “Fixed Penalty (Smoking Offences) Ordinance”, the law enforcement officers have the right to issue fixed penalty notices to anyone who smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in designated no smoking areas or public transport for a fine of HKD1,500.
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