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Smoke Free Family Promotion Campaign reward winners
To mark this year’s World No Tobacco Day, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) has organized a “Smoke Free Family Promotion Campaign”, aims to promote the positive benefits of smoke-free family to students as well as to encourage smokers to quit smoking. The finale was held today to present prizes to winners of the Campaign.

Launched in June, the Campaign included a territory-wide “Smoke Free Family” Promotion Programme that aims to mobilize youth to urge for the establishment of a smoke-free living environment and encourage their beloved family members to quit smoking. The Campaign had received encouraging support and there were over 20,000 entries from more than two hundreds participating schools. In addition, over 5,000 children had successfully convinced their family members, relatives or friends pledged to quit smoking.

Today’s prize presentation ceremony was officiated by Dr. P.Y. LAM, JP (Director of Health), Dr Gloria TAM, JP (Deputy Director of Health), Dr. Homer TSO, BBS JP (COSH Chairman), Prof. LAM Tai-hing, JP (COSH Vice-chairman) and local pop star Ms Ivana WONG, Ms Vincy CHAN and Ms Sherman CHUNG. As the highlight of the event, the officiating guests were joined by the audience, including hundreds of students and parents, to pledge their support for a “smoke-free family”, as well as their willingness to join hand in building a healthy environment and to help in disseminating the no-smoking message. Game segments and singing performances were also filled the venue with joy and fun.

Dr. Homer TSO expressed his gratefulness to participants at the ceremony, “The programme revealed that students wanted a smoke-free family, a smoke-free living environment and a smoke-free Hong Kong. Their creations showed that they were fully aware of the hazard of smoking and passive smoking, so didn’t want their family members to smoke or suffer from passive smoking. They also expressed their love and sincerity in encouraging family members to quit smoking. We find the hope of our future smoke-free Hong Kong in their works. We hope that this campaign can motivate more people to support smoke-free Hong Kong and encourage more smokers to quit. Let’s join hand in building a smoke-free Hong Kong.”

Since the launch of the “Smoke-free Family Promotion Campaign”, response from the general public was encouraging. The Council will continue its effort in education and promotion work in order to encourage more people to quit smoking and support the building of a smoke-free Hong Kong.
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