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Smoke-free Teens


Smoke-free SoldierCOSH launches the Smoke-free Teens Campaign to mobilize all primary school students and junior forms of secondary school students for the establishment of smoke-free homes. Students are invited to join the Smoke-free Troop and become a Smoke-free Soldier to encourage and support their family members, relatives or friends to quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation Ambassador

Mr KWOK Chun OnMr KWOK Chun On has been appointed as Smoking Cessation Ambassador of COSH in the Quit-to-Win Smoking Cessation Contest 2010 to promote smoking cessation. Although he has smoked for over 10 years and used to consume 3 packs of cigarettes a day, he has completely ceased smoking now. Being a father, Mr Kwok understands the importance of providing children a smoke-free environment. Therefore, he is the most suitable role model to lead the Smoke-free Troop in the establishment of Smoke-free Families.

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