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Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards

Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company AwardsThe Hong Kong Government has made continuous efforts to strengthen tobacco control since the enactment of Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance[1] in 1982 and with several amendments subsequently, by restriction of cigarette contents, tobacco usage and promotion, as well as expansion of statutory no smoking areas to protect the public health. To adopt a progressive and multi-pronged approach in implementing tobacco control policy, the Government took a remarkable move in banning smoking in public indoor areas and workplaces on 1st January 2007. In recent years, the Government has been focusing on smoking cessation services with plenty of resources allocated with an aim to build a healthy living environment for the people.

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) had organized the “Smoke-free Workplace Leading Company Awards” & the “Smoke-free Workplace Leading SME Company Awards” in 2004 and 2006 respectively, with an aim to encourage business sector proactively set up smoke-free workplace. The campaigns attracted more than 200 forward-looking companies to join, which demonstrated their vision and determination in building a sustainable business environment for long-term development.

This year, COSH is organizing the “Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards” again, with full support from Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The campaign aims to advocate a smoke-free culture as a corporate social responsibility and strengthen the role of business community in protecting public health for maintaining a sustainable business environment, to build a smoke-free Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company AwardsHong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards

[1] Indoor areas of all workplaces are designated no smoking areas under Section 3 and Schedule 2 of the amended Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance (Cap. 371), regardless for the purpose of self-employed or being employed, including any part of the place that is set aside for use during any intervals for taking a meal or rest. Examples include shops, offices, workshops, or public areas in the workplaces. Managers of statutory no smoking areas should place no smoking signs in a prominent position to remind the public that the premises are statutory no smoking areas. Managers should maintain such signs in good order.
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