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Premiere of “Get started! Quit now” API Pal SINN sees quitting smoking as his best birthday present
In recent years, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) produced a series of Announcement of Public Interests (API) under the theme of “Quit Smoking” to promote smoke-free messages and smoking cessation which received wide public support. COSH understands the difficulties and challenges that smokers face when quit smoking. Two new APIs under the theme of “Get started! Quit now” have been launched and broadcasted since September 2013. COSH invited artist Mr Pal SINN, who successfully quitted smoking eight years ago, to act in the API in an interesting way to inspire smokers to overcome their psychological hindrance and make up their mind to quit smoking. Mr Pal SINN claimed that kicking the smoking habit was the best birthday present for himself. COSH aims to motivate more smokers to say NO to tobacco and encourage family and friends to work together with smokers to build a healthy lifestyle and strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong.

The two APIs reflect the psychological hindrance which smokers encountered on smoking cessation. “Get started! Quit now - Doubt” shows the ambivalence of a smoker making excuses while he knows the adverse effects of smoking on health. Finally, the smoker overcomes the barriers and determines to quit. “Get started! Quit now – Guilty” shows an adult advising a child to be aware of different germs which cause sicknesses while he keeps smoking even he knows it causes cancer and might kill him. This API intends to inspire smokers for self-reflection and to quit smoking.

Mr Pal SINN shows the ambivalence of a smoker in a lively way in the two APIs. He had smoked for over 20 years since 17 years old and always made different excuses not to quit, e.g. smoking can enhance creativity, even he understood the smoking hazards. He was determined to quit smoking eight years ago as he regarded “good health” as the best birthday present for himself. Pal shared that determination and support from family and friends are crucial for smoking cessation. He now thinks the cigarettes stink and is proud to say NO to smoking at social occasions.

Smokers always have many excuses for refusing to kick the habit, COSH hopes Pal’s successful quit story can help rectify the myths of smoking, promote smoking hazards and encourage more smokers to kick the habit for a smoke-free lifestyle.

Don’t want to be the one who dies early? Quit now!
Doubt? Stop doubting and quit now!

Don’t want to be the one who dies early? Quit now!
Don’t want to be the one who dies early? Quit now!
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