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2007 World No-tobacco Day Theme "Smoke-free Environments – Create and Enjoy" COSH urges public support for the establishment of a Smoke Free Hong Kong
Today, May 31, is designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) each year as World No-Tobacco Day (WNTD) and the theme this year is "Smoke-free Environments - Create and Enjoy!", emphasizing 100% smoke-free environment as the only effective measure to protect the public from the adverse effect of second-hand tobacco smoke.The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) urges the public to support the new tobacco control laws and join hands in creating smoke-free living environments.

In recent years, many nations and cities in the world have implemented laws that require almost all indoor workplaces and public places to be 100% smoke-free, resulted in a remarkable improvement on public health and living environment of their people.Following this global smoke-free trend and the implementation of new tobacco control laws from 1 January 2007, Hong Kong has successfully created smoke-free indoor working and public areas.

Dr. Homer TSO, BBS JP, Chairman of COSH said, "This twentieth WNTD saw the beginning of smoke-free working environments in Hong Kong.We believe that people in Hong Kong can now enjoy a pleasant and quality enhanced living experience brought about by smoke-free environments.The Council wishes the public to support government in implementing the tobacco control laws, and to join hands in safeguarding a fresh and healthier living environment, so as to create a better home for our younger generation."

WHO has designated May 31 of each year as WNTD and different themes on tobacco control topics will be selected for global promotion.This year, COSH has implemented a series of publicity programmes to echo the call from WHO and to further promote the benefits of smoke-free environments.
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