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"Stand by You, Quit for Good!" Support the smokers to quit in the New Year
Many smokers are expected to quit following the smoke ban in all public and workplaces in Hong Kong in January 2007.Today, the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) launches an event titled "Stand by You, Quit for Good!", which aims at increasing the public awareness on the benefits of smoking cessation and encouraging the community to support smokers to get rid of nicotine addiction in the New Year of Pig.

The event was held at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay, and officiated by Dr. Homer Tso, BBS, JP, (COSH Chairman), Prof. Lam Tai-hing, JP (COSH Vice-chairman) and Ms. Lisa LAU, JP (Chairperson of COSH Education & Publicity Committee).Celebrities including Ella Koon and Zac Koo, who are the "Smoke-free Ambassadors" of the activity, appealed to the public for smoke-free lifestyle.

Dr. Homer TSO, Chairman of COSH said, "Overseas experiences show that the public demand on smoking cessation services would increase after the implementation of smoke-free legislation.Hong Kong has seen more smoke-free public places since January 2007, and many smokers are making New Year resolutions to quit.This trend motivates us to go further in mobilizing the public to help their friends and family to quit, for the sake of their health as well as the people around them.With a series of promotional and publicity programmes, we target to disseminate the theme message of "Be Smart, Quit Smoking" by building supportive environment, and it is the right time for the smokers to kick their smoking habit in the coming Lunar New Year.Support from friends and family is crucial to help them kick the habit."

The God of Fortune distributed quit smoking mandarin oranges with take home message of encouraging smokers to quit smoking to passers-by at the event venue, sending best wishes to those smokers taking action to kick the smoking habit.
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