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Health Talk


Informing and educating the public on the harm of smoking and its adverse effects on health has always been one of the missions of COSH. Therefore, in order to deliver the proper message of tobacco control, encourage smoking cessation and promote the importance of smoke-free environment, COSH visits primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, government departments, tertiary institutions, social service organizations and commercial organizations across all districts to conduct health talks.

Health Talks for Primary and Secondary Schools

Health Talks for Primary and Secondary SchoolsCOSH believes that educating the youngsters about tobacco control is effective in helping them to recognize the significance of a smoke-free environment, refusing the first cigarette, and encouraging family and friends to quit smoking. Therefore COSH provides over 100 health talks to schools, which drew about 30,000 participants every year. For every health talks, the educator would present the latest information on tobacco control, the origin and types of tobacco, harmful effects of smoking and passive smoking, legislation and law enforcement in Hong Kong, smoking cessation services and promotional tactics of the tobacco industry. In addition, the educator also introduces the Council’s tobacco control efforts and the latest APIs. A question and answer session is also included in the talk to enhance students’ knowledge about the smoke-free message.

Health Talks for Kindergarten

Health Talks for KindergartenIn order to help kids to understand the health hazards of tobacco as early as possible, COSH occasionally delivers talks to kindergarten students. In view of the trend that people start to smoke at a younger age, the health talks in kindergarten lay the foundation for the future establishment of smoke-free environment. Throughout the talk, an interactive question and answer game would be included so as to enhance the kids’ interest to acquire the respective knowledge.

Health Talks for Organizations

Health Talks for OrganizationsApart from regular talks in schools, COSH receives invitations from different organizations, such as government departments, tertiary institutions, social service organizations and commercial organizations, to deliver speech about tobacco control. The content includes the history and the harms of tobacco products, the current tobacco control legislation, COSH’s tobacco control efforts, information on smoking cessation, the truth behind the tobacco industry’s Youth Smoking Prevention Programmes and their sales and publicity strategy, and also the importance of a smoke-free living environment. In the discussing session, participants are able to learn more about tobacco control and clear their doubts about smoking and health.
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