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Since 1995, the School Interactive Education Theatre Programme has been one of the major education and publicity campaigns of Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (“COSH”) to spread smoke-free messages among children and teenagers. Through cooperation with schools and local professional troupe, COSH urges the youngsters to promote a smoke-free lifestyle. The programme has contributed about 1,800 performances, reaching more than 480,000 students and teachers for more than two decades. The previous performances were well received by students and teachers. These include “Smoke-free Alliance”, ”“Game On Smoke Off“, “Smoke-free Magic Boy", “The Smoke-free Battle of Red Hoodlet”, “Momo’s Smoke-free Castle, Smoke-free Challenge”, “Smokeland Adventure” and “Smoke-free Super Show” etc,. According to our evaluation report, majority of students rated the performance as good. Improvements on the tobacco-related knowledge and perceptions were observed. Also, students were more willing to encourage their family to quit smoking.

The key messages of tobacco control are delivered along with music, stage effects and interesting presentation. Through the performance, students learn about the harmful effects of smoking, secondhand smoke and third-hand smoke and receive positive messages such as fallacies about smoking, say no to secondhand smoke and the benefits of a smoke-free environment. We aim to equip the students to promote a smoke-free lifestyle and encourage family members to quit smoking.

This year, the programme is co-organized by Education Bureau and will launch a brand-new interactive musical titled "Where is Daddy". It aimed to educate students on smoking hazards, techniques to say no to cigarettes, harmful effects of e-cigarettes and the promotion tactics of tobacco industry. Special thanks were given to Prof LAM Tai-hing (Chair Professor of Community Medicine & Sir Robert Kotewall Professor in Public Health, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong) for being the professional consultant of the drama. 

COSH and School of Public Health of The University of Hong Kong collaborated to conduct a randomized research study during the performance in 2016-2017. The research study aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of theatre performance and investigating the knowledge and opinion of smoking hazards among the students. Please refer details in the Evaluation report of theatre performance “Smoke-free Alliance” in 2016-2017 . For any enquiries, please contact COSH at 2185 6388.
Chung Ying Theatre
Founded by the British Council in 1979, Chung Ying Theatre Company ("Chung Ying") became an independent non-profit company in 1982. Chung Ying is now one of Hong Kong's leading professional live arts companies, financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and in receipt of generous sponsorship from individuals and the commercial sector. Led by Artistic Director Ko Tin Lung, Chung Ying strives to enhance its adventurous core programme of live theatre with quality drama education and outreach programmes. This work has been supported by exciting collaborative relationships with venues including Yuen Long Theatre (2009 - 2012) and Kwai Tsing Theatre (2008 - present).

Chung Ying dedicates itself to producing quality stage productions with an aim to promote theatrical arts, facilitate cultural exchanges and enrich the city’s cultural life. Our productions are full of local characteristics while with an international perspective. Until now, we have toured Macau, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Taiwan. Throughout the 38 years, Chung Ying has staged more than 320 productions, receiving over 100 nominations and 91 awards in the previous 26 Hong Kong Drama Awards Presentation Ceremony.

As the first local theatre company to integrate the example of the UK's “Theatre-in-Education” movement into its work, Chung Ying has hosted around 5,250 schools touring performances, recorded over 750,000 student attendances and has won plaudits from the Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies and Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Chung Ying's outreach and professional training programme embraces tertiary institutions, primary and secondary schools and community specific organisations throughout the territory.

“Where is Daddy” School Interactive Education Theatre 2017-2018


Details of Performance
  • The theatre is conducted in Cantonese which is suitable for Primary 2 to 4 students with the upper limit of around 300 students;
  • Performance lasts for about 1 hour. It takes 1 hour for the troupe to set up and 30 minutes to dismantle. School should provide venue and relevant materials to facilitate the performance.
  • Schools are advised to take part in the evaluation conducted by COSH.
Application Procedures
The School Interactive Education Theatre 2017-18 is now open for application. For any enquiries, please contact us at 2185 6388.

 Recent Performances
Smoke-free Alliance (2016)
Game On Smoke Off  (2015)
Smoke-free Magic Boy  (2014)
The Smoke-free Battle of Red Hoodle (2013)
The Smoke-free Journey of Red Hoodlet (2012)
The Smoke-free Galaxy (2011)
Smoke-free Superkids (2010)
  「Smoke-free Superkids」(2010) 「Smoke-free Superkids」(2010)
Smoke-free Detective X (2009)
  「Smoke-free Detective X」(2009) 「Smoke-free Detective X」(2009)
Smoke-free Challenge (2008)
  「Smoke-free Challenge」(2008) 「Smoke-free Challenge」(2008)
Momo's Smoke-free Castle (2007)
  「Momo's Smoke-free Castle」(2007) 「Momo's Smoke-free Castle」(2007)
Super Free Super Show (2005)
  「Super Free Super Show」(2005) 「Super Free Super Show」(2005)
Smokeland Adventure (2003-2004)
  「Smokeland Adventure」(2003-2004) 「Smokeland Adventure」(2003-2004)
Smoke-free Saves the Earth (2000-2002)
  「Smoke-free Saves the Earth」(2000-2002) 「Smoke-free Saves the Earth」(2000-2002)
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