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“Support Tobacco Tax Increase” Online Signatory Campaign

To prevent youth from starting smoking and effectively motivate people to kick the smoking habit, Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health (COSH) advocates the Government to substantially raise the tobacco tax by 50% to 100% (which means price of a pack of cigarette will increase to around HK$67 to $84) to meet the World Health Organization's suggestion. COSH also suggests the Government to formulate a long-term tobacco tax policy to remedy the reducing price effect because of inflation.

Hong Kong Government raised tobacco tax by 50% and 41.5% in 2009 and 2011 respectively, which signified an increase of tobacco tax by HK$8 and HK$10. As a result, the number of calls received by the Integrated Smoking Cessation Hotline (1833183) had been increased by 246% and 49% respectively. It reflected that raising tobacco tax is one of the effective means to encourage smoking cessation. However, the tobacco tax has been frozen for two consecutive years.

Price of a pack of cigarette in Hong Kong is now about HK$50 to HK$52, which is relatively low among the high-income economies, such as Australia (HK$111.9), New Zealand (HK$90.6), UK (HK$80.4) and Singapore ($74.3). According to WHO, tobacco tax should represent at least 70% of the retail price. Many countries, such as most countries of EU, England, Singapore and Thailand, have already reached this standard. However, tobacco tax in Hong Kong only accounts for about 65% to 68% of the retail price, which is not sufficient to motivate smokers to quit or reduce tobacco consumption.

Please show your support to raise tobacco tax by pressing the button below. Let's encourage more smokers to quit smoking and strive for a smoke-free Hong Kong!
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